I Do What I Want, Thor.

The Weekend

Weekends go by way too fast, at least, thats what I'm thinking as I sit here suffering through a migraine only made worse by poor office lighting. My weekend was so full that it seemed to go by even faster!

Friday night I met up with a friend for dinner at The Training Table where we ordered burgers and split a giant plate of cheese fries. After dinner we headed back to my place for a mini-marathon of The Walking Dead. We finished the first season and I have to say that I am pretty impressed so far, I've heard that the 2nd season gets even crazier!

On saturday I woke up early and spent the first part of the morning completely unable to get out of bed so I watched a few episodes of Doctor Who (10th Doctor!) until hunger finally drove me to get up. Muffins were on my mind so I adapted a banana bread recipe to include a cup of the frozen berries I had sitting in the freezer. The batch turned out pretty good but not amazing, I will definitely be tweaking the recipe and hopefully posting sometime in the next few weeks! After downing a couple of muffins, I trekked to Costco with my best friend Rachael and her main squeeze for groceries. Later that night Rachael and I had friends over for homemade chicken tacos and moscow mules. After dinner we all headed out to The Campfire Lounge, a new bar with a "camp" theme and a menu that includes hobo dinners and s'mores.

Sunday I woke up late and prepared an absolute feast for brunch.

I spent the majority of the day doing small things around the apartment and even fit in my 2nd bike ride of the season. Later that evening I met up with friends for dinner and drinks at The Bourbon House. I ordered a turkey, brie, and apple sandwich (amazing!) and fried pickles to share. After eating, we stayed for the beard competition that was happening in the next room. We watched a handful of the categories (business beard, freestyle, and natural) before deciding it was time to go home.

Nikki Hancock