Hey there.

I'm Nikki, a designer, artist, organization enthusiast, happy camper, and Gordon Ramsey wannabe.

I stumbled into the world of graphic design near the end of my first year of college, when I realized that I disliked teenagers too much to become a high school art teacher. I spent the next 3 years at the University of Utah familiarizing myself with best design practices, wrapping my head around the Adobe Creative Suite, and learning the dangers of using an Xacto knife with very little sleep.

In the years since graduation I've done work for both local and global brands. I've harnessed the power of animation to help tell stories or make difficult subject matter a little bit easier to understand. I've collaborated with some awesome teams that have helped turn me into the designer I am today.

Some things I enjoy when I'm not pushing pixels:

  • I've spent a lot of time creating original art for Comic-Con events (I've exhibited at 5 of them!). Most of the time you can find me at my booth, cosplaying as something weird.

  • I'm a little food obsessed, so I like to spend time reading up about nutrition and trying out different healthy recipes.

  • Sometimes I spend too much time with my Playstation. My favorite games hail from the Fallout and Bioshock series.

  • In the summer, I like to take advantage of Utah's mountains and go camping.

  • In the winter, I complain about the cold and buy lots of sweaters.

If I sound like someone you'd like to work with, please head over to my contact page and tell me about your next project.