Tuesday Thoughts

It's 3:18pm on a Tuesday that feels more like a Thursday.

It's been too long since I last blogged, so I figured I'd record some of the random thought cycling through my head for the (maybe) three readers (hi Lindsey!) that come to my page. This insane idea came to me while I was chowing down on my afternoon snack, a salad, which I put hot sauce on. Seriously. In my moment of bargaining (as a true hot sauce addict does) I decided that it wasn't really that weird to put hot sauce on my salad because it had beans and corn in it....which basically makes it a deconstructed burrito. Yeah...my reasoning was a bit of a stretch but, I do what I want.

It also just occurred to me that my "deconstructed burrito" was my 3rd hot sauce-slathered food item of the day. This morning I had my usual egg toast covered in Tapatio, for lunch I had a lean cuisine & broccoli drowning in Sriracha, and now this salad with, you guessed it, Tapatio. My mind is already running down the list of what I could make for dinner that doesn't need a good burn to it, just to try to break up my spicy binge.

Back near the end of January I posted about a 6-week weight loss challenge I was doing and never got around to writing about what happened at the end of it (I've since removed the post so no one can hold me accountable for not doing a followup...ha!). So I guess I'll give a quick re-cap of that: In the 6 weeks of the challenge I lost 5lbs....but also lost the challenge because some over-achiever lost more than me. Since then I've been pretty goddamn good about keeping up the healthy eating and kicking it at the gym 3-4 times a week, which led to losing another 2-3lbs. Of course, every great success comes with at least one big set-back and apparently mine was a 3lb gain after 4 days spent binge-drinking and eating bad food in Palm Springs...go figure. So now I'm back at it, maybe that will necessitate a post? What say you, Lindsey?

It's only been 10 minutes of writing this play-by-play of my brain but I fear I must get back to real life, where I'm a designer and I have a project I have to present to my boss in 20 minutes...wish me luck, I may need it.