The Honest Company Bundle Subscription Review

I first heard about The Honest Company probably 6 months ago on some blog. The writer had mentioned that for only $5 you could order a deluxe sampler of their products, so I decided to take the plunge. Something you should know about this $5 sampler that isn't very obvious on their site is that by signing up to receive it, you are also signing up to be part of their subscription bundle program, unless you cancel within a certain amount of days. Being the person I am, I didn't read the fine print and was a little peeved to find a $50 charge to my credit card a few weeks later. Lesson learned.

Despite this sort of rocky start, I have to say that I am overall very impressed with their products. As far as the "subscription" part of it goes, I've grown to like it. Instead of being committed to receiving the products monthly, they let you go into your account and pick a date when you want the next box to ship. So I can decide whether I want to re-stock in a month or a couple of months.  So far I've tried quite a few of them, which I will review individually below:


Multi-Surface Cleaner

This stuff is definitely my favorite of all their cleaning just smells SO GOOD. Instead of filling my kitchen with chemical smells when I clean, I'm left with fresh grapefruit filling the air. At first I was a little skeptic about the cleaning power of this stuff, but its been great.

Floor Cleaner

Just like the Multi-Surface Cleaner, this stuff smells great with a mix of rosemary and citrus. It does a great job of cutting through the grime without leaving a weird residue.

Bathroom Cleaner

This stuff reminds me of the Multi-Surface cleaner, but with a eucalyptus-mint scent that I don't especially love. I think once this bottle is used up I won't be buying again...especially since I prefer to use bleach products for most of my bathroom cleaning.

Hand Soap

These soaps smell lovely and don't leave my hands over-dried. While I was initially pretty stoked on them, I have found out that they are not anti-bacterial. They're great for ridding my hands of dirt, but I find myself reaching for Dawn dish-soap when dealing with food prep.

Fruit & Veg Wash

Truthfully, I cannot tell if this product really makes THAT big of a difference, compared to washing produce with plain water or a light vinegar bath. . I probably wont buy another bottle once it runs out.

Dishwasher Packets

This is the one product I really don't like. It seems to be leaving a light residue on my dishes and doesn't get everything clean, by the end of the cycle I can usually pull out 4-5 dishes that need more scrubbing. I will not be buying this again.

Stain Remover

I haven't had the opportunity to use this stuff a lot, but I with the little I have used it I can say that it works decently. It works well on fresh stains, but not so great on anything that has dried into the fabric. I'd say that Spray'n'Wash is still the go-to for really tough laundry stains.

Healing Balm

This stuff is super moisturizing, thick, and OILY. I prefer to use it after giving myself a manicure at a time when I can just sit and let it soak in. It's also great for dry feet, just make sure you cover them with socks so you're not having to track oil all over the floor!

Face + Body Lotion

The texture of the lotion is weird...almost slimy. That being said, it does moisturize well but isn't anything special. This is a product that is good, but didn't "wow" me enough to order it again.



Shampoo + Body Wash

While I can't speak to the shampooing merits of this stuff (I'm too particular about my hair care!) I can say that it is pretty decent body wash. The smell is pleasant, light, and orangey. It didn't leave my skin too dry, which is pretty rare for this lizard-woman. That being said, I don't think I love it enough to order it again.



The conditioner has a very similar texture to the lotion: slimy. The sliminess, however, leaves my hair soft enough, but not as soft as the Khiel's stuff I love. Lately I've been using it as a shaving cream, which it is awesome for! It leaves my body so silky and so smooth, and doesn't wash off easily in the shower like many other shaving creams. Once this bottle runs out I will probably buy another just for shaving.


I ordered a bottle of this stuff when Honest first launched it earlier this year. It was after my dear auntie was diagnosed with breast cancer (the 4th case of it in my immediate family) and it prompted me to start thinking about the small ways I could lessen my own cancer probability. I'd heard good things about going "natural" with deodorant, so I decided to try the Bergamot Sage scent. I'm not going to sugar-coat it, going off of chemical antiperspirant/deodorant is really rough for the first week or two. My body went through an adjustment period (which I've found out is normal) and I felt constantly sweaty/smelly. However, my body adjusted and I can now say that I LOVE this product. I can apply it once in the morning and be stink-free the rest of the day. Although it doesn't have any antiperspirant in it, I've found that I now sweat less than I did before. If you've ever thought about making the jump to natural, I highly recommend this stuff.

Overall, I've been pretty pleased with most of the products I've ordered from this company. They cost a little more than your average cleaning and beauty supplies, but I'm willing to throw a few extra dollars toward leading a healthier life.

Tell me, have any of you ever tried their products? What are you thoughts?

Nikki Hancock