Playing catchup


It's December and my last post was in April. Real talk, where has the time gone?

If I have to think back over the last almost 8 months, I'd like to say that nothing has changed....but that wouldn't be quite accurate. So let's do a quick little catchup, shall we?

Shortly after my last post I was perusing Utah Real Estate and noticed that a condo in the project I was renting in was for sale. The price was more than affordable and I had been worrying for a few months about the possibility of my rent increasing and thus, out-pricing me out of the neighborhood I've come to love. After a chat with the boyfriend where he helped me weigh the pros and cons, I decided to dial up my real estate agent to see what he thought. On May 27th I signed my life away and became the owner of a condo, with a mortgage and HOA fee that totaled only about $150 more than what I was paying in rent. Since the Sugarhouse area is growing so fast, I feel like I jumped into the "real estate game" at a great time. Within a few weeks both myself and my boyfriend (living together for the first time, eek!) were moved in to our new place. The first few months were kind of awful, with a drug-dealing, wife-beating renter living above us...however multiple calls to the police and a hardcore HOA board meant that they were evicted by the end of August. We still don't love our new upstairs neighbors (that's a whole other story) but they let us sleep at night, so I can't complain too much.

Aside from becoming a homeowner, the last 8 months have seen me get way into camping and I exhibited at my 3rd comic-con. The boyfriend and I went on several camping trips over the summer and it was SO FUN. I now find myself trolling Amazon in my spare time, looking wistfully at all the camp gear that I so desperately desire. My third comic-con happened back in September and I feel like Lindsey and I FINALLY have our booth setup down to a science. Although we didn't do as well as we'd hoped, we talked to a lot of fans and had so much fun over the three long days behind our booths. Since we apparently love torture, we've signed up for SLC's upcoming FanX in the spring, so come see us!

This concludes the highlights from the last 8 months, hopefully it won't be as long of a break between this post and the next. If I don't post before Christmas, then happy holidays to all!

Nikki Hancock