Therapy Case Study

When the owner of a popular local fitness studio came to me for help with her new brand, I couldn't help but jump at the opportunity. Under a different name and brand, the studio had been very successful and had a long list of loyal clients. The new brand for the studio needed to feel exciting for its long-time patrons and encourage new clients to come check out their diverse and fun fitness options. My client needed her logo to feel luxe and modern, something that felt very different from the previous business name and brand the business had been operating under.

For our first round of logo options, I decided to explore options with abstract logomarks that conveyed the idea of movement and strong body poses. The color palettes I explored were feminine, but not girly.


My client loved the simplicity of the treatments, but wanted to push it even further by ditching the logomark. She gravitated toward the simpler color palette, but wanted to include a shade of coral to pair with the gold tone. For our next round, my client decided on a solid direction and wanted to see how I could customize the typography and integrate the new tagline.


After a few more tweaks, we landed on a logo and color palette that my client was ecstatic about. The final product was in-line with her vision for the direction she wanted to take the branding of her new business venture. Since being implemented in my client’s new business, the logo has been translated into beautiful storefront signage, custom products for sale in the studio, and has contributed to the fitness culture my client and her trainers promote.


Once the branding was finalized, my client asked me to put together a website. She wanted something she could easily update so I customized and set up Squarespace sites for both of their California and Utah locations. On top of building out pages to highlight the staff and class offerings, I was able to integrate MindBody widgets so clients could easily make purchases and book classes online.

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