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Healthy & Creamy Tomato Soup

It seems like the weather is pretty dreadful all across the nation lately. Here in Utah we've had lots of miserable cold and very bad air. Endless days like these make me want to do nothing but curl up on the couch with warm soup and bad TV. This recipe is something my boyfriend and I like to make on quiet nights in. We like to pair it with a grilled cheese made of jalapeño gouda between two thick slices of fresh french bread, but really, the soup is so good it is perfect on its own.


Healthy & Creamy Tomato Soup
(makes 3 servings)

6 Roma tomatoes
1 c Cauliflower
1/2 Small sweet onion
1/2 tbs Extra Virgin Olive oil
1/4 c Italian Parsley
2 c Vegetable broth
2 tbs Fresh Basil
1 tsp Red pepper flakes, minced garlic, garlic salt, oregano
Salt & pepper to taste

1. Pre-heat the oven to 375º
2. Slice the tomatoes in half and remove the seeds from half of the tomatoes and arrange cut side up on a baking sheet
3. Roughly chop the onion and cauliflower and add to the baking sheet with the tomatoes
4. Use an olive oil sprayer to lightly coat the veggies and top with the chopped parsley and a few cranks of coarse salt and pepper
5. Put veggies in oven and cook for about 30 minutes
6. About 5 minutes before the veggies are done, heat the broth over medium and add the spices to it. Add the cooked veggies and simmer for about 20 minutes.
7. After the 20 minutes are up, you will need to blend the ingredients together to get that perfect creamy texture. If you have an immersion blender, use that. If you're like me and don't have one, simply scoop the chunky bits of soup into a blender and blend on low for a quick moment (watch out for hot steam!)
8. Garnish the bowls with chopped parsley and sliced grape tomatoes if you have them

Calories: 112     Carbs: 23    Fat: 4     Protein: 3     Fiber: 6
Nikki Hancock