I Do What I Want, Thor.

Marina & The Diamonds

In high school I spent a lot of time and money going to concerts. It seemed like every single week one of my favorite bands was in town performing at one of the seedy local venues (did any of you ever go to Lo-Fi Cafe back in the day? Gross, right?!). Once college started up, however, my music budget quickly morphed into a gas/alcohol/junk food budget and my weekly concerts turned into monthly, and then semi-annual outings. Nowadays I only make it out for special occasions (like seeing Harry & The Potters last summer!), mostly because I feel too old to be in a crowd of teenagers and I really hate standing for hours on end.

When I heard that Marina & The Diamonds would be coming to SLC, I knew this concert could not be missed! I dialed up a few friends, purchased our tickets months in advance, and immediately started dreaming up a crazy outfit to wear to the show.

On monday our little group dressed in our finest, drew hearts on our cheeks, and ventured out into the 90º heat to see one of the most impressive shows I've ever seen. The concert was held at In The Venue, a place I was quite familiar with in high school. Our little group found a nice place to sit in the 21+ area where we could see the whole stage.

Charli XCX opened for Marina, dressed in a plaid skirt and some of the most awesome platform shoes I've ever seen. For such a teeny girl, she was a bundle of energy and did an amazing job of warming up the crowd.

As soon as she finished her last song, the crew began setting up the stage with lots of lights, props, and a pink fuzzy rug. By the time the house music cut out and the lights started flashing, I was positively giddy. Marina took the stage and proceeded to entertain us for the next hour and a half. What can I say about the performance? It was perfect. If you ever get a chance to see her perform, I highly recommend you take it; you'll be dancing the entire time.

Nikki Hancock