Welcome! Read me first!

Hey friends, thank you for your interest in my project. I really appreciate you taking the time to check out these recipes and provide feedback. Here are a couple of notes before you begin:

  • I prefer cooking meals that are on the lighter side, most of the meals will come in between 300-500 calories a serving. Part of this is that I don’t use a ton of oil when cooking. I use nonstick pans, but if you’re using cookware without a nonstick coating, you’ll likely need more oil for certain recipes.

  • The ingredients lists will have measurements by both volume and weights in most cases. I prefer using a food scale to make measurements (so easy, way less mess!), but I’ve tried to estimate volumes like cups and such to make it easier for people who don’t do that.

  • I am definitely not a professional writer, so constructive feedback on the way I’ve written the recipes and how easy it is to follow them is greatly appreciated.

  • Please use the comments section of the blog pages to provide feedback.

  • I am planning on posting a new recipe every week, so check back periodically. Let me know if you have any recipe requests.

Thank you!

Nikki Hancock