Closet Sale - **CLOSED**

Hey Friends! Here's how this thing is going to work:

I will be collecting orders through the comments, so everything here is for sale on a first-come, first-served basis. To help with this, I've numbered every item on the page. When you decide what you want post a comment with the numbers of the items you'd like to buy, your contact email address, and indicate whether you want them shipped (for a charge) or if you'd like to come pick them up from me. From there I will send out invoices via Square, with the expectation that payment will be received within a couple of days (any longer and I will re-list the items). Then you can either come get your clothes, or get a fun package in the mail from me!

Just a couple of notes!

  • SHIPPING: Shipping charges all depend on what you're buying so the charge could be anywhere from $5-$10. In my research it seems like flat-rate boxes from USPS are the best option, however if you have another suggestion I'm happy to hear it!
  • SIZING: I've tried to do my very best to describe the actual sizing of each piece, so please read my comments. All of the clothing has also been pulled around the dress form to photograph better, so be aware that the dress form does not reflect a perfect fit. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask! I am 5'4" and my weight has jumped around between 130-160, so that should hopefully give you an idea of the fit of some of these.
  • Unless otherwise stated, every item is in great condition.
  • I've tried to price everything fairly based on condition and brand, so please no negotiating.
  • It should go without saying, however...NO RETURNS.

Thanks for checking this out, I hope my clothes are going to good homes...I'm going to miss them!



4. Blue Rain size M - $6

Fabric is a deep navy blue and is made out of loose fitting drapey material, the fabric has no stretch to it. The Back detail is super awesome!

14. Old Navy size M - $2

Basic tank in stretchy cotton fabric. Could probably fit up to a large.

16. Unbranded size L - $4

Material is SUPER stretchy. This open-back tank top also has fairly open sides so it would look best with some sort of bandeau bra under it. The length is nice and it looks great with leggings.

18. Tresics size L - $5

This tank fits like a M/L. The elastic under the bust has a lot of stretch to it. The back detailing has no stretch.



21. Banana Republic size 6-8 - $6

Skirt is made of thick lightly stretchy material. Length on this is pretty short and it fits a little high-waisted. Tag says 8, but I think it fits smaller than that.

22. Victoria's Secret size L - $5

This skirt is made of very stretchy knit material. The multi-paneled construction is super flattering and the length is a little longer than mid-thigh. This fits like a true large.



23. Aryeh size L - $8

This dress is made of a non-stretchy cotton material, however there is a very stretchy elastic panel in the back to help with fit. It comes fully lined so you shouldn't need a slip under it. Length is a little below mid-thigh and it fits anywhere from medium to large. 

26. BCBG size XS - $8

 Dress ties at the neck and is made of a stretchy jersey material. The length hits about mid-thigh and the fit is closer to a S/M.

27. Express size 6 - $10

This dress is super flattering and very well constructed. It has hidden pockets(!) and the length comes down to just a little above the knee. It fits like a true size 6.

29. Jean Paul Gaultier for Target size M - $10

This dress is made of what could only be described as "slinky silky material". It is full lined and very form-fitting. The fabric has some stretch to it and would look good on small to medium size wearers. The length falls just below the knees.

30. L.A.M.B. size 8 - $10

This dress is made of silk and is in desperate need of a steam (DO NOT IRON). The shape is very flattering and it has tons of super cute detailing. The tag says size 8, but due to the very unforgiving nature of silk, I would say it is a better fit for someone in the 4-6 range.

32. Love Culture sizeM - $5

Just your basic maxi dress made of stretch jersey material. The fabric is a little thin, so be aware of that.

34. Tulle size M - $8 

This dress is made of heavy non-stretchy material and is fully lined. The length falls to the knees. The fabric in the bust area is tight, so it would best suit someone with a smaller chest.




35. BB Dakota size S - $10

This blazer is very flattering with a fully fitted cut and metal clasp enclosure in the front. It could fit as a medium for someone with smaller shoulders and chest.

36. BB Dakota size M - $10

This blazer is made of slightly stretchy thick cotton. It has tons of fun details like oversized safety-pins on the cuffs. It could possibly fit as a smaller large.

37. Calvin Klein size 8 - $20 

This wool peacoat is in great condition and has been hardly worn. It is very warm and could do with a good lint-rolling.



42. Chinese Laundry size 7.5 - $8

These shoes are in great condition with only a few minor nicks on the heels. They are size 7.5 but fit more like an 8. 



48. Echo - $6

This infinity scarf is made of very light material.

  50. Target - $5

This purse has an adjustable but not removable strap. It also has small interior pockets.

51. Target - $3

These gloves have only been worn once or twice. They fit a little on the large size so beware if you have small hands.



1. Atmoshphere burnout t-shirt Size M - $2 - SOLD

This "burnout" style fits like a tight medium or loose small. The fabric has a large subtle houndstooth print to it. It came from Primark in the UK.

2. Atmoshphere burnout t-shirt Size M - $2

This "burnout" style fits like a tight medium or loose small. The fabric is covered in multiple animal prints. It came from Primark in the UK.

3. BB Dakota size S/M - $6

This blazer is made of thick slightly stretchy cotton material. The front closes with fun metal clasps. The bust area is a little tight, so I wouldn't plan on closing it for sizes over a 34C.

5. Express size M - $5 - SOLD

Sweater is made of semi-stretchy sheer knit. Color is a light Ivory. Fits a little on the small size.

6. H&M size M - $2 - SOLD

Shirt is made of a light cotton material, the color is off-white. The fit is very loose on this.

7. J.Crew size M - $3 - SOLD

Fabric has a nice stretch to it and fits like a loose medium. 

8. Liberty Love size M - $5 - SOLD

Fabric has zero stretch and runs a little tight across the bust. It could easily fit small or medium, but no larger.

9. LOFT size M - $6 - SOLD

Knit fabric has some stretch and fits like a very slightly loose medium. The zipper detail on the back is super cute!

10. LOFT size M - $6 – SOLD

This sweater fits loose and long, great with leggings. The zebra print is only on the front, the back is solid dark grey.

11. LOFT size M - $4 - SOLD

Shirt fits like a slightly loose medium. The stripey fabric detail is only on the front.

12. Mossimo size M - $4 - SOLD

Shirt is made of a light sweatshirt material and has some stretch. It fits a little long and the sleeves are just over 3/4 length.

13. Nordstrom Rack size M - $6 - SOLD

This shirt fits like a true medium, but would still work on someone who usually wears a small. The back detail is probably the best part of all.

15. Old Navy size S - $4 - SOLD

Made of slightly stretchy sweatshirt material. Could fit a small or medium. The color is a little more purple in person.

17. Mossimo size L - $3 - SOLD

The knit fabric has a light stretch to it and fits great. It will be more fitted for someone who usually wears a large, but on someone smaller it is nice and loose but doesn't look too big. 

19. Tulle size M - $7 - SOLD

This top fits like a true medium but would also work on someone who wears a small. The material is lined and is nice and thick with almost no stretch. The length on this is a touch on the longer side.

20. Zenana Outfitters size M - $3 - SOLD

Shirt is made of a light stretch material. Tag says medium, but it fits a little on the smaller side.

24. BB Dakota size S/M - $8 - SOLD

The cut of this dress is soooo flattering, I'm seriously going to miss it! The material is thick with a little stretch. The length is mid-thigh. There is no size tag, but I would say it fits small to smaller medium.

25. BB Dakota size S/M - $6 - SOLD

This dress is made of sheer material and will require a slip. The fabric has no stretch and the bust area will likely not fit any larger than a 34C. The length is just below mid-thigh and the fit is small to medium. 

28. Francesca's size M - $10 - SOLD

Dress is made of lightweight cotton material and comes down to just above the knees. There are hidden pockets as well.

31. Lola size M - $10 - SOLD

This dress has never been worn and still has the tags attached. it is made of a lightweight and non-stretch material. The tag says medium, but if you have a bigger butt or hips I wouldn't bother, it fits pretty slim through that area! This would easily fit as a small as well.

33. Ophelia size M - $8 - SOLD

This dress is made of lightweight non-stretchy material and falls just above the knees. This dress fits like a true medium but could pass as a smaller large.

38. Forever 21 size M - $8 - SOLD

This lightweight coat is great for fall or spring. The tag says medium, but it fits a little on the small side.

39. Michael Kors size M - $20

This wool peacoat is in great shape and has hardly been worn. The color in real life is slightly darker and deeper than the photos.

40. BB Dakota size M - $10 - SOLD

This lightweight trench coat has a great slightly loose fit and falls down to about mid-thigh.

41. Old Navy size M - $15 - SOLD

This wool trenchcoat is very cozy and has a great long length. The fit is very flattering

43. Steve Madden size 8.5 - $8 - SOLD

These shoes are in good condition but do have a few scuffs around the back of the heel and the toe. The heel height isn't too high and they are pretty comfy.

44. Tom's size 8 - $8 - SOLD

These shoes have only been worn 3 times so they're still pretty new-looking. They say they're a size 8, but I think they fit closer to a 8.5.

45. H&M - $6 - SOLD

This wide-brimmed hat is in great condition and has only been worn once. Sadly, I am not a hat person.

46.Target - $5 - SOLD

This felt hat has never been worn, but it does need a good lint-rolling. 

47. Disney - $5 - SOLD

This scarf is made of super soft material with a subtle Mickey Mouse head pattern all over it. There is a bit of black fringe on both ends.

 49. Unbranded - $5 - SOLD

I picked this scarf up from a street vendor in London and although I love it, I just never think it looks right on me. The material is very light and a little staticky.

52. Vintage Macramé - $8 - SOLD

This purse is so fun but just doesn't fit my style. The material is slightly off-white in color and has lots of awesome details.

Nikki Hancock